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Hand Beaded, Pilot G2, 0.7 Fine Point Gel Pens

These Hand Beaded Pens contain 966 imported Japanese glass beads. The 966 glass beads are sewn together individually, one by one, in a Peyote style stitching until a Masterpiece of a Japanese Glass Mosaic is created!

That Japanese Glass Mosaic is then wrapped tightly around the body of the Pilot G2 Pen, and sewn together along its uneven edges. This merger of the uneven edges of the loom creates a completely seamless and flawless wrap when done correctly!

All G2 Hand Beaded Pens Purchased from this store are covered by the (OLDG) Guarantee!!

See (OLDG) Information beneath the Mailing List on the Home Page!


PLEASE NOTE: These pens are not intended for use by children without supervision, they are works of art. Should the internal threading come undone there are 966 TINY beads that DO present a choking hazard! BuildMeABear.Biz can accept NO liability whatsoever after delivery of item has been made to the purchaser.